As Our Lives Grow, So Do Our Handbags

DSC_0418Let’s talk about handbags ladies!
When it comes to our daily use of bags; size matters!!

We have an intimate relationship with our daily handbags. Not only do they carry what we need; they are also one of our accessories.
A few weeks ago I was at a café and overheard two young ladies having a discussion over the sizes of their handbags…
“With this bag; I can’t fit in much any more. I NEED to get a bigger one!” Girl A said to Girl B.
Now this sounded very familiar to me; as I – and perhaps many of you too – started out back-in-the-day choosing a girly satchel.
Many women would think having a shoulder strap a big deal, but I’ve never been fussy about having a shoulder strap or only handles. I know that I can adapt to either eventually.
Well, unless the bag is going to be used during travelling, in which case, I much prefer it to be a cross-body strapped shoulder bag. I wrote about my ideal travel bag in a previous post; please take a look here!

The very reason why I moved on to a slightly larger bag, was to avoid having to carry an extra bag (often a paper fashion bag; the ones we get from our shopping) to carry my folded umbrella; a cardigan and/or the shopping.
When I finally made the jump – from a small satchel to a medium size tote with only handles – I was happy. And every time I saw my female friends turn up with one or two extra ‘supporting bags’, I had a victory smile on my face!
‘Just get a bigger bag! It makes your life easier!’ Here I saw history repeating, so I suggested.
“No, no, once you go for the larger bag; it’s only going to get bigger and bigger!” “I have a small frame, I don’t want to end up carrying a giant bag!” And so on… My friends replied.
Point taken and they were damn right – you can get carried away with size! That’s why I ended up with my current daily bag.

At the moment I’m just about to swap my yellow mustard spring/summer bag to this burgundy autumn/winter bag. And clearly, this is the size I’m settled with right now.
With a bag like this, I can fit in: my make-up bag; a small camera; a folded umbrella; a jumper; my beret; a magazine and even some shopping!
I know that I still have room to grow; I mean, to get an even larger bag, so I can then fit in my DSLR camera. However; from hearing some ladies complain about their overly heavy bag which causes their shoulders and arms ache, I think this could be as large as I go.., well, at least for now!

Looking for a perfect bag is an important mission every woman has experienced. I personally don’t believe a ‘perfect bag’ has ever existed; if so, it’s very rare.
However, when we find the size that we want, we are already half way there!

Photographed by: Christian Balven


    • Thank you for your feedback Marje. I knew it when I wrote this post, that we’d understand each other’s pain and joy when it comes to searching the ‘right handbag’.
      The search seems never end and we seem having endless needs.., oh well~ I’m sure that’s why the handbag companies love us so much! X

    • Dearest Ariel, thank you for the nomination of The Liebster Award! I’m so happy to be nominated by you!
      However, I still haven’t accepted The Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Fia and Aquileana, also The Versatile Blogger Award from Katie…
      I won’t say that I’m running an award-free blog; but I only do it when my schedule allows. If you take a quick look at the image of this post: , that image with the award logo on it was a result of the photographer’s work.., therefore I need extra time.

      Love & hugs… X

  1. I’m currently trying to decide what my next “perfect” bag should be! Deciding between a Celine or a LV Speedy with the cross body strap!

    • Haha, Julie, I swap them around because I wear darker outfits in autumn/winter, therefore; a darker shade handbag would make sense to me; or at least make sense to my wardrobe! 😉

      • Am I just lazy where my handbags are concerned….they’re all sat on a shelf in my wardrobe, like neat little soldiers and I just ignore them, using a tried-and-tested favourite…..I can just see them clamouring out “pick me, pick me” 😀

  2. I have bags in all sizes but the ones I use the most are the larger ones because all my essentials just won’t fit into the smaller clutch/satchel. The problem is the DSLR. Even though it fits into some of my bags, it makes the bag too heavy and draws it out of shape, so I find myself carrying two bags lots of the time: A regular bag and a camera bag. Looking for a smaller DSLR. 🙂

  3. That is a very pretty bag! 🙂 I’m a bit handbag crazy so I’m always switching out between bags. I love tiny little crossbodys for running errands or days when I don’t need more than a wallet and phone, and bigger bags for long shopping trips or work. I try swap out to a different bag every few days, rotate around all the ones I have! 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing it with us Mica. I think it’s great that you rotate your bags frequently; so all your bags get to be used, and that’s what they are there for.
      I do use a cross-body satchel when I’m around the neighbourhood, this kind of satchels are so handy! 🙂

    • It’s good to know that we are not alone Sophia. Actually, it’s such a common scenario when it comes to a woman and her ‘ever growing’ handbags!!!

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