Black Is Always A Good Idea

917-BRecently, with our season changing from summer to autumn in Sydney, I’ve been organising my autumn outfits for up coming occasions…

Noticing that I’ve worn plenty of floral; beaded and metallic through out summer, I’m longing for a change.
A trip to Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery for ‘Art at Night’, I suddenly got an inspiration from the opening of David Noonan exhibition – those black, black pictures…
‘Black is always a good idea!’ I heard my inner voice there and then.
That’s right! When everything else doesn’t do the magic; I’ll always have black to fall back on.
Don’t get me wrong, black is not a Plan B for me; black is my Ultimatum Plan!

Regarding Audrey Hepburn’s famous quote: “Paris is always a good idea.” As we can’t always be in Paris.., ladies, the good news is: we can always be in black – whenever we want!

Photography by: Road Wang


    • Abi, my opinion is, one can never have too much black in her/his wardrobe; how about adding some bright accessories to the black on black ensemble? You know, just to ‘cheer it up’! 😉

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