Monthly Archives: June 2015

When In Paris… Complimenting The Regal Gardens With A Floral Dress

Well, I have to admit that I adore manicured gardens much more than those natural ones. Paris has plenty of regalĀ jardinsĀ (gardens in French) to offer and they do always make me feel like I am stepping into a set of a fairy tale movie! If I could have my way; I’d love to wear a […]

When In Paris… Strike A Pose By The Extravagant Pont Alexandre III

Paris to me has two faces, or perhaps should I say, Paris is a woman with double identities. In Quartier Latin; Montmartre and mostly down the left bank, I see her as this Bohemian chick. When I turn around to Grand Palais; Petit Palais; the Louvre and so on.., she suddenly becomes an ornate and […]

When In Paris… Visit Montmartre In A Boho Maxi Dress

Over one year ago, I worked near the Sydney Opera House. One of my female friends who occasionally dropped by to say hi, as it’s a tourist packed area, whenever she came for my lunch break visit and who saw the typical tourist’s ‘backpack ensemble’, she would comment: “I don’t understand, why do people feel […]