When In Paris… Strike A Pose By The Extravagant Pont Alexandre III

R03Paris to me has two faces, or perhaps should I say, Paris is a woman with double identities.
In Quartier Latin; Montmartre and mostly down the left bank, I see her as this Bohemian chick. When I turn around to Grand Palais; Petit Palais; the Louvre and so on.., she suddenly becomes an ornate and splendid royalty.

There is no doubt that my favourite bridge in the world – Pont Alexandre III – belongs to Paris’ regal self!
I utterly adore this bridge for no other reason than it is simply the most extravagant and stunning bridge I have ever seen!
So, this is how I would channel the essence of Paris’ glamour face…

My vintage Paola Frani beige dress is tube beaded throughout the lining. These tube-beads are all see-through so you can hardly notice them from a distance. My half cardigan is also decorated with beads. When I channel a glamorous look, I prefer to pick a beaded creation.
While on holiday, these garments with toned-down beads are great choices as they are not overly done, so even if we wear them during the day, we are not turning heads for the wrong reasons.

Since I was in my element and feeling so perky… Why not strike a pose!!!

Self portrait with the collaboration of A.K.


    • Congratulations to your Fashionista Award Katey! And thank you for choosing me as one of your nominees! I’m honoured!
      Although I’ve been nominated up to 7 or 8 times (with different blogging awards) so far, I’ve only accepted one award. This award is interesting and it’s fashion related.., let me see what I can do!

      Thank you again for the nomination! I do enjoy reading your answers!
      Cheers~ X X

    • So good to hear from you JingJing. I thought of you when I put this photo up.., as you know, I’m such a poser in front of the camera.
      I miss our good old days when we used my Nikon D90 to take pictures for each other! :-*

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