When In Paris… Complimenting The Regal Gardens With A Floral Dress

_DSC0503Well, I have to admit that I adore manicured gardens much more than those natural ones. Paris has plenty of regal jardins (gardens in French) to offer and they do always make me feel like I am stepping into a set of a fairy tale movie!

If I could have my way; I’d love to wear a silk or satin gown; styled with lace gloves; an extravagant head piece and complete this look with a feather fan in my hand… However, in reality, I’m just a travel light tourist with a tight budget who lives in the 21st century; when minimalism is the way to go…

So, instead, I put on my 50’s inspired floral dress and a wild brimmed straw hat, pretending that I was a country girl coming to town visiting my Parisian aunt who owns some fine châteaux…
Hopping in between these stunning Paris jardins with my Parisian friend Alexandre on an August summer’s day, I was indulging in this sweet fantasy.
“Are you shooting for ze magazine?” Two friendly local ladies came up and asked us with curious smiling faces.
‘We are just doing it for fun!’ I said. It must be my pose which made them wonder.

Oh well.., I woke up from my little day dream and we strolled to a near by museum to see more art while avoiding the mid day heat.
‘There will always be more gardens to see…’ I though. ‘But there is only one Paris!’
Therefore, while in Paris, why not make the most of it – with a complimenting; girly and cheerful floral dress?!!!

Self portrait with the collaboration of A.K.


  1. Wait this is SOOO cute! Love the background and the floral details. You are super cute. Keep it up! XO

    • Thank you for your sweet compliments Kelly! I haven’t been called ‘cute’ for a long time, your “super cute” comment has made my day! 😀

  2. The dress is adorable, and the story is awesome! I would be equally blushed and delighted if a couple of ladies asked me if I am doing a photoshoot for a magazine. :-*

  3. ))) Hope your imaginary aunt treated you well in Paris! Great and a very inspirational story. It makes me want to remember my school French!) PS If you search your memory and find some imaginary relatives in St Petersburg too, I will be happy to show you around. ))

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