When In Paris… Pastel Is The Dress Code

16-02Years ago my English friend Chris who came to Sydney for a business trip from London. When we met up in Martin Place; which was near the Westin Hotel where he stayed, this was his opening line when he saw me walking toward him:
“It’s very white here!”
Oh yes, back then and there, we saw mostly white European around.

Years and years later, I was showing an Australian friend – who’s also a Chris – some photos I took in Paris, I heard him say:
“It’s very white there!” Chris has never been to Paris himself.
This time around, I knew the ‘white’ he referred to, was the cream limestone Paris architecture.
‘Actually, it is!’ I nodded.

Whenever picturing Paris in my head, those white/cream buildings with grey roof tops pop with red chimneys and completed by the feminine lace balconies and French windows always had me gush: ‘The City of Light is truly pretty!’
To channel the city’s soft colours and the touch of romance, what better fashion choice than a pastel dress?!!!

Self portrait with the collaboration of Franck Talaucher


  1. The dress and the make up combine perfectly on you. I’d like to be able to see the shoes that you were wearing with this outfit, because I am pretty sure that they were as fantastic as the rest of the outfit. 😉

    • Thank you so much for your lovely feedback Sara! :-*
      Let me see if I do have a full body shot or not?! As these photos were taken before I started my blog and I did not have OOTD in mind back then.., I remember they were beige/nude heeled sandals! 😉

      • You already know Vivienne that I love all of your outfits, so if you say that you were wearing a gorgeous pair of nude sandals, I trust you completely! 😀

    • Thank you for your feedback Shian. When I first spotted this dress in Bowral – a town where is almost two and a half hours train ride away from Sydney – I knew I must have it!
      I’d love to hear your take on Paris, give me a buzz if you see a ‘white Paris’ too! 😉 X X

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