A Date With Masters – Russell’s Reserve Small Batch Bourbon Launch

640-CompV2-F2980 copyIt’s a date with Bourbon.., and a great opportunity to wear my grey suit and a new Akubra fedora!
Well the invitation said it was to be a “premium male focused event”; so why not dress like one of the boys for a change?!!!
As soon as Kent and I arrived at Grain Bar, The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney last Tuesday evening, we were offered and soon delighting in cocktails made with the Russell’s Reserve. While Kent went for the Russell’s Old Fashioned I started with the lighter Kentucky Iced Tea, both drinks of course made with the star of the evening – Russell’s ten-year-old Bourbon; and we knew right away that we were in for a treat.

The atmosphere was relaxing and social and I managed to catch up with our friends, social media influencers Deb Carr and Christopher Haggarty (image below on the bottom left), there were mini burgers; satay chicken and pizzas to keep us going, and of course more cocktails!
At about the half way mark, Wild Turkey Master Distillers Jimmy Russell and his son Eddie took to the floor to talk to us about their latest creation; being in Australia (they love it) and the making of quality aged Bourbon. I learnt that we are their biggest market outside the USA.

Not only were we able to hear two legendary Master Distillers’ talk, we mingled with them and had our gift bottles of Russell’s Reserve signed by them as well! Yes that’s me with industry icon Jimmy Russell above! As I stood in the queue for the signing, I admired how down to earth and patient these two marvellous men were with their guests, there was no sign of rushing; perhaps that’s the secret to why they are legends in the industry.
Well after a few more glasses of ‘Old Fashioned’; Kent, who was also wearing his grey suit and fedora decided it was time to start introducing me to people as “mini me”!!! Mini him of course, well as if… But at least we seemed to be well suited to the event and we were truly honoured to meet Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell.

Here I’d like to share some more pictures of the launch party from my Instagram. For more story and images, please go to Kent’s Street Fashion Sydney blog!

Main picture credit: Kent Johnson



  1. We have been talking lately about the old Hollywood vibe, and I have to tell you that the confidence you show wearing the fedora hat and the suit reminds me to great stars Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn. Strong ladies who opened the minds of a whole generation of women. That’s exactly what your outfit says to me! 🙂


    • Wow… That’s a GREAT compliment right there to be reminded of Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn!!! Thank you so much Sara. :-* I love the word “confidence” you used as I always believe that it’s the key to allow our aura to shine through.

      In between doing my laundries in my pajamas and flats and our Old Hollywood online conversation, I suddenly realized that we love doing our OOTD because it’s an escape to an imagined character, what do you think Sara? X X

      • I absolutely agree with you Vivienne! I am currently without a single drop of makeup on my face, bags under my eyes and a far-from-being-glamorous ponytail. I totally understand you when you mention that little escape from reality. I’ve always been a dreamer, so kudos to your explanation, because I couldn’t say it better! XO

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