Celebrating 15 Years Of Strand Arcade ‘Evening With Our Designers’

640-AdjSE-Crp-F4452On the night of the 19th August, The Strand Arcade hosted and celebrated its 15th anniversary of Evening With Our Designers.
This annual event is about bringing loyal customers to meet and greet with their favourite designers and makers behind the brands. In addition to that, boutiques are giving exclusive in-store offers to their guests.
I was very excited about turning up at this event, as I have been a truly loyal customer at one of the boutiques here for many many years…

When Kent and I arrived at The Strand Arcade that night, we were welcomed with Koko Black’s hot chocolate and Romolo’s cannoli, a sweet start to kick off the night indeed. Then we joined in line for a glass of the very refreshing Solerno Fizz cocktail at The Ladies Lounge and we were ready to party!
I was wowed by how stunning this Victorian era shopping arcade looked that night: the red carpet; the lighting; the flowers.., not to mention a performance by Lisa Caruso; book signing; wine tasting and more…
By the time we walked from the Pitt Street mall entrance to the George Street side, where The Gentleman’s Hub was, we both had Laurent Perrier champagne and more cannoli in our hands.

“Let’s go to Mister Mister on the top level, they are offering a Four Pillars Gin tasting!” Our musician friend Keith suggested.
After our gin tasting, I decided to follow the excitement from about half dozen girls who all dressed up in lace or white/cream gowns. Well, it turned out to be the Amy Taylor Collection and her ‘army’ (or should I say angels) of young ladies who were all dressed in her signature bare back wedding gowns.
They looked divine and they seemed to be having lots of fun showcasing this gorgeous collection!

Before making our way back to the ground floor, I had bumped into several old friends and made some new ones; and it’s always fun to see fashion designers we recognized. What’s up next? I’ll leave it to my next blog post.
To be continued…

Let me share some of my Instagram images from the night below.

Photography by: Kent Johnson



  1. What a great way to give something back to the loyal customers (and make sure they stay even more loyal in the future 🙂 ). It must be great to meet the designers behind the clothes that you like. Looking forward to read the other posts about this event 🙂

    • That’s right; that’s the idea Mitzie. 🙂 Especially nowadays the competition between shopping online and shopping in store is huge. Retailers really need to do whatever they can to charm the customers.
      Thank you for your feedback, I’ll reveal my favourite store in my coming post Mitzie. 😉

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