‘Artificial’ Theatrical – Front Row @ ‘From Raw To Recycled’

640-AdjSE-F5256 copyPeople who know me would know that I’m obsessed with recycling. So it seems like destiny to me to be viewing Dehautt by Sara Nicolette ‘Artificial – From Raw to Recycled’ fashion parade on a recent Friday night in Sydney.

The runway show took place at Paddington Uniting Church. On arrival we had some refreshments and drinks, then Kent and I settled in our front row seats.
At first I wondered how were the models going to fill this wide spacious runway space; it’s larger than a theatre stage! Well, it turned out to be a perfect stage for models, as they danced; acted and showcased the Dehautt range.
Woven garbage bags; see-through plastic sheets; barbie dolls’ heads; paper; more paper; coffee sacks; bread tabs; plastic pom pom and rags are among the materials of this ‘recycled’ collection.
I certainly enjoyed my front row view. There were some extravagant couture creations which I found it hard to link with the trash (these items were created from) that you and I are too familiar with on a daily basis.

After the parade, Kent and I made our way backstage to congratulate the designer Sara Nicolette.
When we spotted her, she was in a navy dress and a matching choker. Her gothic make up and her messy hair do was just like one of her runway models.
‘Theatrical is the word to describe this show!!’ Was my honest feedback I passed on to Sara.
“That’s exactly how I wanted it to be!” Sara happily told me.

‘Artificial – From Raw to Recycled’ – you have taken raw materials and recycling to a brand new level!

To view this collection as seen by my fellow front rower Kent, simply click here. I also include some of my Instagram pictures from the event below.

Photography by: Kent Johnson

640-DeHauttx4 copy


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