Monthly Archives: October 2015

‘Odysseys Await’ – At Sperry Australia’s VIP Media Launch

Wednesday the 21st was a humid spring day. In the early afternoon, the drizzle finally developed into showers while Kent¬†and I arrived Regatta, Rose Bay, where the Sperry Australia¬†VIP Media Launch was being held. Kent got the time wrong! By the time we made it, we had missed out on the official photographer’s guests-turning-up photos. […]

The Fine Line Between Inspiration And Imitation – ‘How Close Is Too Close?’

Designing fashion, like wearing fashion, is all about self expression; breaking rules and having fun right? Well yes, until we receive a letter from a lawyer telling us our design is ‘too close’ and has infringed on another designer’s copyright. Last Wednesday morning I was honoured to be an invited guest at the ‘Fashion Law […]

In October We Wear Pink

My beloved grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. She must have been diagnosed when I was around four years old and before my father remarried a year later. So there were just the three of us living in my grandmother’s home. No one had explained to me, why did my grandma have to go away […]