‘Odysseys Await’ – At Sperry Australia’s VIP Media Launch

640-AdjSE-4Viv-F6839Wednesday the 21st was a humid spring day. In the early afternoon, the drizzle finally developed into showers while Kent and I arrived Regatta, Rose Bay, where the Sperry Australia VIP Media Launch was being held.

Kent got the time wrong! By the time we made it, we had missed out on the official photographer’s guests-turning-up photos. In a way I thought that Kent might had planed it so that he could skip it – why don’t photographers like being photographed??
Anyway, we were right on time for the speeches.
“Sperry shoes are the most versatile shoes.” Said the Executive Director of RCG brands and Sperry Australia Ted Boldock. “From the young to old; men to women, there is no boundary.”
Indeed. And who would have guessed that when Paul Sperry created the world’s first non-slip boat shoes in 1935, it would turn into the billion dollar international life style brand it is today?
Mr. Boldock then announced a new sponsorship with the Australian Swim Team and introduced Olympian and Paralympian swimmers and medallists Mitch Larkin and Ellie Cole to the crowd as Sperry Australia Launch’s special guests.

After the speech, just when I was being torn between another glass of champagne and the Sailor Jerry Cocktail.., a man in a striped top who was also getting his drink at the bar caught my eye, well, it turned out to be one of My Kitchen Rules 2015 champions Steve Flood.
As a big fan of Will and Steve on that TV show, all I could do was grab my chance to ask for a photo before the opportunity slipped away…
“How about this guy too?!” Steve pointed to Will Stewart who walked towards us with his signature smile.
I couldn’t believe my luck to have this photo taken with Will and Steve – both of them!! Seriously, meeting and mingled with these two ‘gourmet pommies’ truly made my day!!!

While Kent was having fish and chips, (Oh yes, more yummy food just kept coming!) I thought it was time to check out the shoe tattooing by Bondi Ink.
Although I’m still not sure if the shoe tattooing is my thing, but from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty funky and there were guests lining up to get their very own Sperry-shoe-tattoo done! (Yes! Tattooing on the shoes!)
Talk about being individual, you can’t get more unique than this! So thumbs up to whoever came up with this idea!

After all the socializing and pictures taking, Kent and I stole a quiet moment, indulging in a plate of fresh king prawns on the deck facing the harbour, listening to DJ/musician Sarsha Simone’s great sounds and enjoyed the sea breeze and the view…
‘How do you leave a perfect party?’ Well, it’s hard but it’s time to go. We had to get ready for another launch later on that evening.
Before we left, I made Kent ‘do’ the media wall, which we had missed at the beginning. Well, it’s all part of the fun!

Want to see what shoe tattoo looks like on Sperry boat shoes? Simply check out Kent’s blog post here.

Photography by: Kent Johnson



  1. There was a time in my professional photography career when I was doing a good deal of yachting and general boating pic taking for magazines. Boat shoes were just about a footwear staple and certainly helped me avoid any unheralded man-overboard incidents. Inking a pair of boat shoes… very different and kind of fun!

    • I enjoy reading the experience from your professional photography days very much Greg. For me, the yachting shoes are the most stylish casual smart footwear for men. They always remind me of the French Riviera… X

  2. I love boat shoes on men, but Poul refuses to wear them as they make him feel like a granddad. Media walls are always fun and great that you got Kent to pose 🙂 Looks like a nice evening.

    • It’s funny that you mentioned Poul’s reaction towards to boat/yachting shoes Mitzie. I also have several male friends who thought boat shoes are old fashioned. I guess that this kind of shoes associate with a certain life style and era; and that, perhaps is the same reason for those who love them.

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