Monthly Archives: January 2016

My Biker Jacket Diary – High Contrast

In 1928, the first motorcycle jacket with a zipper was born in New York City; it was named Perfecto, after creator Irving Schott’s favourite cigar. The watershed moment came in 1953, when Marlon Brando’s Johnny Strabler wore the infamous skull-and-bones-stamped Perfecto in the film ‘The Wild One’. Brando; Perfecto and the film all went on […]

Hair Colours To Dye For

Up till today, I still believe in that the fastest way to reinvent ourselves is with a hair make over. No matter if it’s a cut; a colouring or a perm, it makes us feel brand new when we step out the salon. While the ombré hair (aka dip-dye) trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing […]

Picnic In The Park Gala Charity Event At Centennial Park

Have you ever wondered how the homeless look after their pets? Well, I have. Now I’ve found out about Pets In The Park, a charity which helps the homeless care for their pets, my question was finally answered. Pets In The Park started out with volunteers Vets and Vet nurses helping the homeless care for […]