Hair Colours To Dye For

1014-05Up till today, I still believe in that the fastest way to reinvent ourselves is with a hair make over. No matter if it’s a cut; a colouring or a perm, it makes us feel brand new when we step out the salon.

While the ombré hair (aka dip-dye) trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, I haven’t ‘dipped’ into this trend yet myself. Since now the sombré; which is a subtle ombré; has become widely popular, I’m considering joining the trend.
As a Taiwan born Chinese, I grew up seeing one hair colour only – black. Colouring our hair was strictly forbidden during our school days back then. This new freedom was handed to me after I migrated to Australia.
Although it still took me a good seven years to change my hair colour for the first time, since then I had stayed loyal to burgundy for several years.

Nowadays, I’m seeing ‘blonde Asians’ more and more often, some look hot; some look odd, it’s not a look I desire but I admire their courage to try.
I did, however, once try traditional blonde foils through my black hair for a while and I loved the look! You know, the random highlight Holly Golightly style, and, that is also my Plan A once I start to show grey.

Photography by: Road Wang


  1. You are gorgeous Vivienne! I look forward to the decision you make regarding the hair makeover. You are beautiful no matter what.

  2. I definitely admire anyone’s courage to go “blonde” too haha, I don’t think I could ever do it. My hair has always been black as well and never been dyed. I’ve thought about experimenting but haven’t followed through yet thanks for the inspiration & can’t wait to see what changes you’re doing to your hair!

    xo, Lynna / howlynnaful

    • I enjoy reading your feedback Lynna. My current hair is black too and I’ve been having my natural black hair without a dye for years. Although I’ve been feeling an itch to change my hair colour, I might just stick with a perm or a cut which I normally do. X

  3. Whilst I do think the hair color you have now is perfect {I’ve been trying myself to get a similar color to this}, I am excited to see how your gonna change your hair!

  4. I agree the foiled blond can look beautiful on some Asian hair colours! I have a friend who is half Asian and she looks stunning with her hair done like that xx

  5. Love that photo, you look absolutely gorgeous! I dyed my hair once when I was a teenager and it turned out purple (I think the package said “Aubergine”). After that I’ve been too scared to experiment but when I’m turning grey I might consider giving hair color a second chance. 🙂

    • Oh I love your purple hair story Sanne, I’m trying to imagine it in my head. 🙂 Funny enough, nowadays the purple; pink and green hair are quite popular among the youth, I’ve been having an itch to try on a light pink bob wig for ages…
      Thank you for your compliments too, this old picture was taken during the time when I had dyed hair. It looks fiery under the sunlight! X

    • I hear you Mira, and that’s the same reason why I stopped colouring my hair. Having said that, I’m ready to give hair dye another go once I start to show grey. 🙂

  6. It’s so interesting. Where I grew up (Pakistan), we weren’t allowed to dye our hair in school either. It was not until I moved to US I started experimenting with hair. You’re absolutely right! Hair can make or break your look!

  7. Love the burgundy on you! And yes, some Asians look gorgeous with blond or white hair, some look really weird haha. Plus, it ruins your hair. Better stay with the foils or the burgundy, because your hair is way too pretty to destroy with too much bleach ;).

  8. Hehehe, plan A eh? I cannot wait to see! (but not soon I hope!)

    Looking like an exotic dream girl here! Elegant, beautiful, just literally PERFECTION. You are beautiful, Lady V!

    • Awww.., your wonderful compliments have made this Piscean dream girl very flattered! Thank you Lady C! X X

      Oh yes, a Plan A, it better works as I don’t have a Plan B! 😀

    • Thank you for your sweet comment Sara. Well, how to keep our hair moisturized? I guess as one born with naturally oily hair helps!! 😉
      This picture was taken years ago when I used to dye my hair burgundy.., my hair is much thinner now, so no more long, long hair pour moi… X

      • I have myself oily roots but mediums and ends remain frizzy… so it’s really difficult to find a shampoo that works for me! The struggle is real!

        I love long hair, but short hair is so classy and flattering. 😉

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