An Autumn Day In Sydney

1029-ALast Friday, on my precious day off, I met up with two of my female friends for an overdue catch up over brunch at a cafe in the city. We talked about travel, and wished we could be in New York; Milan; Prague… Basically any other cool city rather than Sydney.

Is this human nature? That people are constantly seeking change? As the weather changes; our mood seems to change with it.
As much as I’d love to be ‘somewhere exotic’, filling my Instagram with breathtaking pictures, I do think that autumn is the most beautiful and pleasant season in Sydney.
The days are still warm; air is dry and crispy at nights and early mornings. While mosquitos suddenly disappear, our scarves have started to reappear.
It’s also a golden season, the sun’s rays are rich and warm, unlike summer, where the light is harsh and it washes out everything.

When my friends left the cafe, I sat alone reading some fashion magazines while watching people come and go. Feeling inspired, I took a walk through some Sydney shopping arcades and even walked to Chinatown for some indie cutting edge inspiration.
Everywhere I went, the windows called out to me: BUY BUY BUY!!! But I ended up returning home empty handed.
The visual displays of fashion were telling me to change my wardrobe, however, I have decided to revisit it instead of renewing it.

If change is our nature, then perhaps restyle of my vintage is the ‘new change’ for me this autumn.

Photography by: Road Wang


  1. Another lovely poetic musing as always. I appreciated your observations on change; clearly something which is a given by the very nature of our existence. I think I’ll stop now Vivienne before I get rather too existential and go meditate which I find very helpful in acceptance and contentment with change!

    • I love your poetic feedback Greg. Thank you so much!!
      And I think that your message is very honest here.., through meditation, we are able to ‘look within’. Our desire and all sorts of thoughts are like spring water, it keeps coming, through meditation, we can distinguish ourselves from it all. How to find inner peace while living in this material world is an on-going homework for me.

    • Congratulations on your Beauty Blogger Award Mea.
      Thank you for choosing me as one of your nominees. Although I’ve only done one award post so far, I’m thrilled each time when someone nominated me.
      I’m happy to read that you are bringing colours back this season, and what you said about “being consistent” with blogging, well~ I couldn’t agree more! X

  2. It is very natural to think about living in new and different environments. I was originally from New York. I lived there for the first 30 years of my life. Never even went into the Empire State Building. We take our own native environments for granted. I have never been to Australia or New Zealand and am looking forward to visiting in the future.
    Enjoy your life wherever you happen to be.

    • “Enjoy your life wherever you happen to be.” Well said Dr. Jonathan. I guess that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the world.
      I enjoyed reading your feedback, thank you! X

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