A Simple White Shirt – Part Four

640Logo-AdjSE-V3-F8238The white shirt and blue jeans – what a classic combination!
Recently I interpreted this timeless ensemble with my choice of accessories.

This asymmetric white shirt is among one of my happy discoveries in Sydney’s Chinatown. Finding quirky pieces like this at tiny yet funky stores just gives me more fun reasons to visit Chinatown.
I also love the textures of metal and leather my necklace and handbag have brought to this look. The necklace is an one-off art jewellery piece and my bag is a vintage Mulberry. I adore how they compliment each other in the nicest way!

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  1. I like the shirt, love the necklace but most of all love the blue denim against the blue grey of the road… lovely photo

  2. You look so cool in that shirt. Couldn’t help thinking that I should get one too, because then I wouldn’t have to worry about buttoning it wrongly:):)

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