Anne De La Motte And Her Range Of Reserved Sexiness In Pastel Shades

640-AdjSE-_0029Last year, I had a great time attending the launch party of Raffles International Showroom, details see the link here! This year, I was delighted to again receive the invitation from Blue Planet PR. The difference is that, this year the Raffles International Showroom is in partnership with The Design Residency, which is at 72 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

I was also excited to learn that one of Raffles College of Design and Commerce fashion graduates, designer Anne de la Motte, was to be one of the seven designers in this year’s Raffles International Showcase.
Anne and I met and shared great conversations during the Showroom launch party last year. On day five of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA), I absolutely adored what I saw during the Raffles runway show and Anne’s eponymous ‘DE LA MOTTE‘ men’s collection had impressed me so much that I had an urge to express my positive feedback to her.

Finally, I spotted Anne after the MBFWA show.., I watched her surrounded and supported by her friends and peers and, for some unknown reason, perhaps I didn’t want to interrupt her moment? I did not bring myself forward to congratulate her there and then. And this was not like me at all!
So, knowing that I was about to catch up with Anne again at The Design Residency for Raffles Showroom launch party, I was thrilled.

“I know who you are! You wore a pink dress last year!”
Anne being the Anne I’ve remembered, bright; witty; so warm and big hearted. She reminds me of actress Anne Hathaway.
‘I really adored your last MBFWA collection. It’s minimalism; urban; cultured and reserved sexiness!’ I FINALLY gave Anne my belated feedback – in person!
“Reserved sexiness!” Anne repeated and nodded while looking at me with her big eyes. I took that as she liked my thoughts.
“I am using pastel this year.” As we stood in front of Anne’s current collection, which are to be on the runway on Friday the 20th. She pointed to her soft pink and blue garments:
“My cups and plates at home are pink and blue.” “They are the colours I love. I thought, why not doing a range reflecting who I am?!”

Anne also drew me to the back room to show me a white canvas roll with pastel prints on it, which was the fabric waiting for her to make into garments before next week’s MBFWA showcase!!!
To be honest, I couldn’t quite picture ‘it’ as clothes and I guess that’s why Anne is a fashion designer and I am a fashion enthusiast.

This launch party had fantastic energy, everyone was mingling with each other. Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore made an appearance early on and congratulated the Raffles designers during her brief speech. Drinks and food were provided throughout the night and before I noticed it, I had run out of time to get to know all the other fabulous designers.
Well, never mind, as The Design Residency remains open till Sunday the 29th of May. I’ll make sure to make a revisit.
‘Au revoir!’ To all for now. See you on the runway!

Designers showing at the Raffles International Showcase and The Design Residency include:

Anne de la Motte
Chad Nguyen
Jennyfer Alonzo
Leah Williams
Gemma Saccasan
Iva Pfeiffer
Queency Yustiawan

Main picture: Anne and I were holding her creations in front of the media wall at the launch party.
Photo credit: Kent Johnson



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