Notes & Thoughts On Raffles International Showcase At MBFWA 2016

640-Raffles-6-2016For the last week, I have been thinking about how to construct a story of what I saw and my thoughts over this year’s Raffles International Showcase at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA).
The atmosphere at Carriageworks; being surrounded by street style fashion I like; The Raffles MBFWA designers and the Showcase itself… ‘Where to start?’ I asked myself. As I went through all my phone captures of the event and have decided sharing my thoughts through these images.
So, let’s start with the main set of pictures above…

The top left photo: That’s Chad Nguyen, one of Raffles MBFWA fashion stars. I caught him indulging the moment before the runway show started, and I adored his personal style.
The top right: Oh that was a fun moment when Kent and I met up with our mate, fashion influencer Christopher Haggarty before the Showcase. The lighting was so flattering that it looks like we all had a facial treatment!
The middle left: I just love this picture which was taken by Kent during the Raffles runway show! I mean, look at their concentration!
The middle right: ‘Hello lover~’ Well, I’m so in love with this sheer ruffled blouse, created by talented Leah Williams. Look at it! What’s not to love?? It’s got my name on it; I’m obsessed!!!
The bottom left: I’m not sure what you think, but I wish I could pull off the bird-nest hairdo. Philip Barwick from Redken has done it again! Bravo~
The bottom right: It’s a wrap! After the Showcase, I congratulated Sophie (the gorgeous lady in the middle), who’s the director of Blue Planet PR. We shared our thoughts about the fashion we saw.

Now, the sets of photos below.., starting from the top left:
Raffles fashion star Queency Yustiawan opened the show. Thumbs up for its simplicity and wearability.
The top right: Saw some serious funky stuff at the show. Thank you for bringing the fun back to fashion JRAA – by Jennyfer Alonzo!
Bottom left: CHADDIE by Chad Nguyen. Sophisticated; feminine yet modern. May I have them all please?!!!
Bottom right: Last but not least.., if you read my previous post, in which, I mentioned that one of my favourite Raffles designers Anne de la Motte who showed me a roll of printed cotton canvas… ‘Voila!’ Here’s the chic DE LA MOTTE resort ensemble – Yes! from that canvas roll! I was very impressed by her fresh take on the Impressionists with garments in a pastel palette I must say. Well done Anne!

For more Raffles International Showcase 2016 story and many more fabulous images from the fashion runway, please check out Kent Johnson’s post here!



  1. Thanks for sharing, you have some amazing pictures here!!

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