At The Media Preview Of FORM – The New Performance Denim From Neuw Denim

640-AdjSE3Crp_1921A few weeks ago, I attended the media preview and launch of FORM – the new innovative performance denim from Neuw Denim with Kent.

This ‘intimate’ launch event was hosted by Portobello PR. The moment we walked into the warehouse showroom at District One, Surry Hills, we found ourselves facing a semi nude topless young model who was modelling a pair of the FORM bodycon jeans – on a pedestal.., just like a work of art!
After an introduction from Charlie Boyce, the director of Portobello PR, we enjoyed some drinks and nibbles while mingling with fellow fashion bloggers; photographers and the team from Neuw Denim FORM.

‘Please explain to me, what is this performance denim all about?’ I asked Ana Vemic, the FORM capsule designer.
“We mixed the traditional fabric of denim with the modern technology, so the fabric stretches; it looks and feels like the denim you know, only much more comfortable when you put them on. It feels like your second skin!”
So, here’s my understanding, this new Neuw FORM denim range is using a high-tech stretch denim fabric. It’s hugging and flattering to our body shape. They look just like the original jeans, but provide ultimate comfort and high performance. They are made for movement and are perfect for adventure lifestyle.

As the model stepped down from the pedestal, mingling with us wearing her ultra tight hugging jeans.., I half jokingly asked:
‘Can you do a high kick for us?’
And of course, she did it! Her epic high kick and the performance denim did not disappoint. Well~ It’s official! We are in a new era in denim!

For more story and images of the launch of FORM, simply check out Kent’s Street Fashion Sydney blog here!

Main Photo credit: Kent Johnson




    • Congratulations to you on receiving The Miranda Sings Award Maha! I enjoyed reading the seven things you love about yourself! I’ll pay attention to your beautiful hands from now on! As much as I’m honoured to be one of your nominees; I have several collaboration posts lined up and I’m so behind my schedule…
      Nevertheless, thank you again for nominating me! x x

  1. Truly said, I don’t have any sense of it but, I like your images. You looking very pretty in it. Thank you for share with us! : )

    Keep writing and keep smiling! : )

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