Throwback The ’90s – The Bandana

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHHow do I feel about the ’90s fashion trends that have made a comeback so fast? I mean, that decade contains my precious teenage years to my twenties.

Before today I had resisted to blog about any comeback trend from the ’90s.., well, I’ve been there and done that! However, there are some trends I’d love to re-embrace, such as the bandana.
The fact that it’s a large printed handkerchief; has made this ‘earthy cousin of the posh silk scarf’ wilder; more hippie and more fun! I’d adopt this trend again in a heartbeat.

Stay tuned to more of my ’90s throwback posts. Welcome back ’90s!

Location shoot at a farm in Taiwan in the ’90s by photographer: Tsong-Chii, Lynn


  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I was born in the 90’s, and looking back the clothes worn were very stylish in a different way compared to the 2000’s. 🙂

  2. I am a fervent bandana fan, I have about 8-10 (even some I made myself) and wear them on varying occasions, to mix and match with different outfits. BTW, I haven’t seen you leaving comments on my blog posts lately…is everything OK? Let me know…

    • It’s lovely to hear from you Jacob. Yes the bandana is very versatile.., besides the way I wore it in the photo above, it could be worn on our head like a headband; worn around our neck in several ways; worn around our wrist and so on…
      Thank you for your kind regards, I’ve been busy lately… Love & hugs. X

    • Yes, that’s exactly what trends do to us! This photo was taken when I was still a teenager.., I just found a new (photo) scanner; therefore, this ’90s trends’ series became possible. Thank you for your feedback! X

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