Throwback The ’90s – Berry Lips And The Choker Necklace

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHThere was a Chanel make up advertising picture in the ’90s (see the image below) which hugely inspired me back at the time. The model had straight dark hair – middle parted (as you do in the ’90s); she wore a white shirt and the black blazer… The colour of her berry lips popped from her snow white skin and I just couldn’t move my eyes away from her strikingly beautiful face and those attention drawing deep; dark; rich berry lips…

The funny thing is, after over a decade long wearing plum coloured lipsticks, I lately discovered that the coral red is actually a much more suitable colour for my skin tone. So I guess I’ll give it a miss this time knowing that plum/dark red/berry lips are back in again.

The choker necklace, is an accessory which I embraced in the ’90s and I still have’t gotten over the look in 2016. Truly, I find that a woman’s neckline is very feminine and sensual and a choker tends to draw the eyes to it!
Among all the choices of chokers, such as the tattoo style; the ribbon style; the leather version and so on, one of my favourite version in the ’90s was the velvet with a charm style as seen in the photo above. It had a strong European appeal to me.

If I were to wear a choker today, I’d choose a simple; long and thin black string, ribbon or leather are both fine with me. I’d wrap it a few times around my neck and tie a delicate bow near the front and I’d be set to go!

My portrait was taken during the ’90s by photographer Road Wang.

Chanel ad 1990's


  1. Hi Viv, am not certain if you have heard of the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” the girls brought back the choker necklace and now almost every one on the E shows (Entertainment channel) wears one! Here is a bit of history on the necklace in every form;

    What can I say, no one wears it better than you! ❤

    xx M

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and your sweet compliments Margie. 😘😘😘
      Although I haven’t been ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, I’ve seen countless photos of the Kardashians rocking the choker trend.
      I LOVE the link you sent me, which covers the history of the choker necklace from the pre-Napoleonic era to the 21st century. The chokers worn during the Victorian and the Edwardian era are my favourite!! And no doubt that’s where my “strong European appeal” feeling towards to the chokers was coming from!

  2. Another fabulous look! I bought some ribbon to start my own choker collection, but then summer hit, and I forgot about anything except bathing suits and coverups. Grateful for the reminder!!

    • I’d trade my chokers to your bathing suits any day Moira. We are in the middle of the winter here (in Australia) and I can’t wait for summer’s arrival. A collection of ribbon chokers sounds fabulous and they are the hottest accessories right now! Thanks for your compliments! X

    • Thank you for your lovely feedback and compliments Laura. Yes the wine shades and the burgundy lips are divine! What’s not to love, right?!!! 🙂 X

  3. Hey Viv, it’s April here. Yes, still that April you know. 🙂 How r u and miss u so much!!

    I absolutely love this photo and you look sooooo hot in this photo that I saved it as one of my personal collections. Also, a bit reference (you might already know)about how the choker trend coming back in Asia, it origins from one famous Korea TV drama and the link below shows the actress’s looks with choker:

    All the best Viv and I will check your blog regularly to check your updates dear😄

    • It’s so lovely to hear from you dear April. 🙂 How’s life treating you in Shanghai? Great I hope!
      I had a look at your link, it’s interesting to experience the choker trend for the second time around I must admit. Have you found any of them you love?

      Regarding this photo.., it’s among one of my personal favourites too! Thank you for your sweet compliments, I am flattered!!!

      Missing you… X

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