Throwback The ’90s – The Oversized Blazer

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Just when I get used to wearing the fitted blazer and have donated almost all my ’90s oversized blazers to charity.., these big; slouchy blazers have made a comeback!

Unlike the ’80s – think of Joan Collins and Grace Jones’ power-shouldered power suits – the ’90s oversized blazer was more laid back and clean-lined. What remained was the sizeable volume, and of course, the ’80s left over shoulder pads.
’90s big blazers screamed ‘Who’s the boss?!!!’; ‘Don’t mess around with me!’ If you saw Demi Moore in Disclosure or Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs, you know what I mean.

Although I owned and treasured several oversized blazers in the ’90s, I selected this coral one in particular to display, as it was my very favourite jacket back then and I had put myself on an unhealthy two-minute-noodle diet (to save $$) for many many weeks, just so I could own it.
Nowadays, I don’t compromise my health for any fashion items anymore!!!

The green jeans were very trendy in the ’90s. My coral blazer and green jeans both seemed fighting for the attention here. If I had kept this coral blazer, I’d most likely pairing it with black faux leather tights and a pair of black stiletto heels.

’90s location shot in Taiwan by photographer Tsong-Chii, Lynn


    • Thank you for your feedback and compliment Clarissa. As I always say, we should choose garments that flatter our body shape, not just follow the trends! X

  1. Hi Viv, I am bi-coastal between New York City and Los Angeles, and I see this oversized blazer/jacket worn in every which way, no rules to go by, it is even worn as a one piece, nothing underneath, closing one button, with legs sharpened by stiletto blades ๐Ÿ™‚

    You look casually gorgeous, and gorgeously elegant!

    Margie xx

    • Awww.., your wonderful compliments and feedback have made my day Margie. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ Well, I love the blazer-dress look too, but first I need to tone up and tan my legs!!! X

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