Throwback The ’90s – One Earring Only And The Lennon Sunglasses

640-AdjSE_0116 copy

The bright side of the ’90s one-earring trend for me was that, every so often; I shared the earrings with my female friends, we split the cost of a pair and each kept a single earring – the whole look at half the price!
However, the down side of this was that I ended up having a box of different single earring.., as soon as the trend faded away, this box of odd earrings was doomed.

The round frame sunglasses; widely known as Lennon sunglasses, funny enough, they first made a memorable impact on me; not via John Lennon, but from the 1987 Bernardo Bertolucci’s epic film The Last Emperor.
When Qing dynasty’s last emperor Puyi 溥儀 (played by John Lone 尊龍) wore them in the movie (see the image below), I thought they were ridiculous but kind of cool at the same time, and ever since that movie, I’ve always associated the round framed eyewear with The Last Emperor of China.

This pair of ‘Last Emperor’ shades I was wearing were slightly oval shaped and I guess they were about as round as I’d like to go!

Photography by Tsong-Chii, Lynn

The Lst Emperor


  1. You look beautiful! Did you used to model back in the day?
    I’ve noticed a lot of your photos look like ones that come out of a magazine!

    • Thank you for your sweet compliments Mirjana.
      Well, at the age of 19 and my early 20s, I did appear and act in some karaoke films for KTV in Taiwan. But these photos were created purely for my own satisfaction. I started documenting my self-style ensemble through the camera from the age of 9. I was doing what fashion/style bloggers are doing today.., you could say that I was ahead of my time!! X

    • Your wonderful compliments have put a big smile on my face Jalisa. Thank you beauty; and I wish you enjoy the rest of your week! Love & hugs… X

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