Throwback The ’90s – The Crop Top And The Ankle Bracelet


Ahhh.., the crop top! No matter whether it’s a part of a set or just a simple top that seemed to go with everything, it was everywhere in the ’90s!
When I decided to include the crop top (how could I not) in my ’90s series, I had several crop top looks to choose from.., however, this picture brought up some memories I had almost forgotten, so here it is…

It was after a night of clubbing at TU. TU was the club to be at for the young the hip and the cool in Taipei’s ’90s. It was a well known and well loved spot for Taipei’s foreign nationals, and those bilingual locals like myself were among the regulars too.
Leaving TU after 4AM, I didn’t join my American friends for the scooter ride to Dan Shui Beach for the “breakfast while watching the sunrise” trip. Their offer sounded great, but in my head, I had more important things to do. So instead, I went back to my studio apartment; showered off the club’s cigarette small and packed up some prepared outfits for my photo shoot and headed to the location – Tao Yuan – by train.

There was no other clear purpose for this shoot except for my own satisfaction. As I have mentioned before about my childhood fun, which was using the camera to document my very own fashion story. This is a habit that I have continued to this very day. Some say it’s a form of escape – like roll play. And I do see it as my creative outlet.
‘The ankle bracelet was trendy back then!’ I said to Kent, who was helping me edit the film scan. We ended up picking this picture because my tiredness of the night before was not so obvious.

“Why did you go clubbing the night before a photo shoot?” Kent asked. I didn’t have an answer. I guess that when we are young, we don’t want to miss anything. Since there are enough good photos to choose from this particular shoot, there’s no point in regretting staying up all night.
In fact, I’m glad that I went for the shoot, because by seeing it today, it reminds me of being youthful; restless and fear of missing out…

Location shoot in Tao Yuan by photographer Tsong-Chii, Lynn


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