Throwback The ’90s – Braids; Door Knocker Earrings & Parting Your Hair Down The Middle


Yes, my ’90s series continues. At first I thought that I’d blog a series of six to eight posts about ’90s trends and styles.., well the thing is, the more I spent on my days off digging through my film negatives, the more gems I found and the longer this series has become.

Who could forget ’90s epic middle parted hair?!!! Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Love Hewitt loved parting their hair down the middle; baby faced Leonardo Dicaprio and even Johnny Depp couldn’t escape this middle parted hair fate back then in the ’90s.
However, not everyone could or can pull this look off, for a modern take on the same trend, I suggest that it works better on the straight; sleek hair, which is certainly in right now. (Us lucky Asian!)

The door knocker earrings were very popular during the ’90s. I only just realised that they’ve been given this moniker – door knocker earring – recently. If you google the images of door knocker earrings, you’ll see some of the designs really mimic the art of the door knockers!
Unfortunately, I have not kept any of mine from the past.

’90s braids… Ahhh~ Think of Britney Spears in her music video Baby One More Time, the plaited hair and the ’90s school girl trend seemed to go hand in hand.
Not a fan of the school girl look? Not too worry, Janet Jackson taught us how to make our braids look bad ass; edgy and cool…

’90s studio shot in Tao Yuan, Taiwan by photographer Tsong-Chii, Lynn.
Post film scan edit by photographer Kent Johnson.


  1. Sooo nineties! But I love it. I always used to obsess over how straight my parting was, especially if I was wearing pig tails haha & I’ve recently started parting it down the middle again. Looks so sophisticated on you.


    • Thank you for your wonderful feedback Shannon. A few weeks ago I was at a fashion event, I saw young fashionistas all had their straight hair middle parted, there and then I was inspired to share this ’90s series. Yes this IS very ’90s – it’s from my ’90s album! 😄 X

  2. I LOVE THIS LOOK!! my friend and i are starting an online business follow for behind the scenes videos as we are just starting!!

    • Thank you dearest Margie! ❤ Although the padded shoulder suit would be a bit hard to pull off as ‘current’; your lovely compliment has given me lots of encouragement!! 😘

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