Throwback The ’90s – The Minimalist

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Grunge; supermodels; the extension of ’80s power suits; the sexy school girl trend; neon colours; body piercings AND heroin chic… Really, there were lots of styles to fit into in a decade of minimalism.

My ultimate minimalist style icons from the ’90s, no doubt would be Gwyneth Paltrow and Carolyn Bessette. Besides both dressing like one of Calvin Klein’s fashion models; they had more in common; like, both had sleek; shining long blonde hair; both had high profile arm candy – Gwyneth had Brad Pitt and Carolyn had John F. Kennedy Jr. – and both had an upper class aura about them and so on.

If the definition of the minimalist fashion trend is that “accessories were non-existent” (Well, except for the man!), then both Gwyneth and Carolyn took the minimalist trend to another level by not even having their nails painted; no fake eyelashes; no lip-liner and no push-up bras. Their natural approach to fashion and truly effortlessly chic (This term has been so overly used I agree, but hello, their’s truly was!) style took ’90s fashion by storm!!

I chose this picture of myself wearing my beloved 1997 Versus by Gianni Versace cocktail dress as a showcase of my very own take on the minimalist fashion look.
After almost a decade of wonderbras; miniskirts; platform shoes; hoop earrings and shoulder pads.., returning to the minimalist dressing seemed to make perfect sense.

’90s location shot by photographer Road Wang.


  1. As much as I love complex outfits and lots of layering, minimalism is just so refreshing! The dress is stunning, wish I could find a 90s maxi that fit me πŸ˜›
    xx Sky

    • I’m so happy to read your feedback Sky, as this is the final post of my ‘Throwback The ’90s’ series, I’ve been enjoying your take on the ’90s trends! πŸ‘ Well who knew, after such a loud and colourful start, ’90s wrapped with the minimalism! X

  2. Hi Viv, you look super cool and awesome in this black timeless dress, but then again, you’d look equally gorgeous in any gear, and with or without jewellery! ❀
    When is the next post? Can't wait!

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