Taiwan’s Tight Restrictions Lead To A Perfect Bob


After weeks and weeks of whinging to myself over my totally out of style hair, I decided to get a bob cut again. Ironically, the Bob, which I have been told by many is the hairstyle that suits me best, was somehow – for a long time – the hairstyle I most tried to avoid…

Having being a high school student in Taiwan in the ’80s; like everyone else, I had to obey the school’s restrictions on hairstyles and follow the dress code. According to hair-regulation criteria which was first introduced in 1969 by the Ministry of Education (MOE), secondary-school boys were required to sport crew cuts, there had to be no hair on their temples or strange hairstyles. Girls’ hair, had to be ear-length; not dyed; no perms; nor layering.
Although years later, the control of hair in Taiwan’s schools was finally lifted. The painful memories of loosing my individuality and freedom remain. And of course, as soon as I left school, the first thing I did – like many Taiwanese girls – was to grow my hair out as long as I could.

Vowing never to have ear-length hair again, for years even decades, I never broke that promise to myself. My latest bob cut in July was my freshest re-visit to the outdated, ‘student length hairstyle’. I guess that since it’s layered, it’s definitely more stylish than my ‘watermelon head’ from my old school days.
And I must admit, I am growing to love a perfect Bob!!

Photography by Kent Johnson.


  1. Fabulous!
    I like your long hair, too.
    We all must be getting bold, I went for a short ( not quite a pixie) cut. My post tomorrow is about it….its been about 25 years since my last short haircut – at that time I was living in a weird part of the World, so I would go to a Men’s barber – they cut short hair best!

    • Thank you for your lovely feedback!
      Well, now you mention it, I think I must try a haircut (perhaps a pixie) by the men’s barber someday!
      “Living in a weird part of the world”?!!! That sounds interesting! Have you written any article about that? X

      • I think it depends upon people’s definition of weird….it comes a little too close to telling my past personal life, so I haven’t really mentioned it.
        Someday, I will write another blog and offer all pieces of me – not just some pieces. 🙂

  2. What a lovely bob! It totally suits you. Funnily enough, I feel the same about fringes aka bangs. My mum made me have them for years but actually I’ve been wondering if that is a style I should entertain again…

  3. Your bob is the go! Stylish and elegant in equal measure; another lovely image by Mr Kent Johnson too.

    • Thank you for your lovely compliments Greg. I’ve been feeling the itch to tell this story each time I look into the mirror since my bob haircut, and I’m glad I did. X

    • Awww.., your sweet compliments have made my day Renia. 💖 Well I envy your curly hair and in fact on Monday, I went to my hairdresser and got my straight hair permed!! 👌

      • Curls can be so difficult sometimes! One day you wake up and your hair looks great next day it does not curl they way it should haha… I would say my hair are moody! I always wanted to have straight hair.. my big dream haha!
        I need to see how you permed your hair… I’m super curious! 💖❤️

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