Introducing My New Project – White Caviar Life


Dear vivalaViv readers, how are you?
Yes, I know I know, it has been a few months since I last shared my news here. Well, let me tell you, it has been an exciting few months for me lately and it all started in January when I decided to quit my job and devoted all my time and energy to this new project of mine…

So, as a happy (and very brave) jobless person, I started my new blog – White Caviar Life, with the help from my photographer partner Kent Johnson. As White Caviar Life (WCL) is an accommodation focused travel, fashion and lifestyle blog, Kent and I started travelling in February. And what do I mean by saying ‘accommodation focused’? In WCL’s case, it means we write hotel reviews, fashion and/or lifestyle stories with different accommodations and resorts as the backdrop. Why did I choose accommodation as my travel focus? Well you can find out the answer on my ‘About’ page here, and it’s a great introduction to the new site.

To prepare for the launch of WCL, Kent and I renewed our travel photography kit; and since February, we have been to: Mittagong, in NSW Australia; Singapore and Prague. France: Paris, Lyon; the Beaujolais wine region small towns of Bagnols, Le Bois-d’Oingt and Oingt. The cities of Prague and Lyon; Bagnols and its surrounding villages were all new discoveries for me; each with its unique charm that I fell in love with and couldn’t get enough of…

Last but not least, I’d love to have you continuing your support to my online journey, by following WCL Facebook page, Twitter; Instagram or simply become a subscriber. I hope by sharing in our travel advice and stories, it’d enhance your own travel.
VivalaViv will also continue here to bring you my latest news regarding styling, fashion; vintage wear, events and so on…

To take a sneak peek of our stunning destinations, you could check out Kent’s travel page here! So, stay tuned, lots happening and we will see you all soon on White Caviar Life!

Yours sincerely,


Photography by Kent Johnson


  1. It looks lovely! Hard for me to join because I can’t just “follow” – you ask for an e-mail. I’ll try to remember it. Good Luck and Safe Travels.

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