Cocktails And Couture With Kacey/Devlin At K&L Gates


Thursday the 24th of August, Kent and I were delighted to be invited back to K&L Gates; last time we were learning about fashion law (read details here), and this time around, it’s a fashion event – Cocktails and Couture with Kacey/Devlin.

As a long term sponsor of Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF), K&L Gates had organised this cocktail party to congratulate and introduce the newly crowned winner of National Designer AwardKacey/Devlin by Kacey Devlin to Sydney’s fashion enthusiasts. It was an intimate event and we were provided with vivid coloured ‘strawberry champagne’, wine or beer and a variety of delicious canapes.
Guests mingled with one another before the ‘in conversation with Kacey/Devlin’ started then we all moved closer to the stage and joined the conversations with Kacey Devlin and Lisa Egan, Partner of K&L Gates.

What I loved personally was that Kacey was open and very confident in the conversations; to me, this talented young lady was clearly focused and she definitely treated fashion as a serious business. What I have learnt in her design journey – from an UTS design student to a fashion powerhouse on the international stage? To have ‘a business plan’ is just as important as the design skill itself.
Come questions from the floor; Kent, as the director of Street Fashion Sydney which is among the top 20 men’s street fashion blogs worldwide, asked if Kacey/Devlin ‘would be launching men’s wear sometime soon?’ ‘Not at the moment.’ Kacey replied. Well I guess that the gentlemen will have to wait.

Later, when we had a chance to chat with and congratulate Kacey, I said to her ‘I like it that you call the fashion designer a “problem solver!”‘ ‘We are problem solvers, so are chefs!’ Said Kacey. Well when you think about it, a fashion designer has to find a way to flatter different body shapes and so they ARE problem solvers in a way! And I was most impressed by Kacey’s focus energy and her ‘can do’ attitude – this was KD’s second application to National Designer Award and thanks to her understanding of fashion business, she succeed the second time around.
‘The world is her oyster!’ As I said to Kent.

We are happy and proud to see Australian designers take on the international fashion stage especially all Kacey/Devlin garments are Australian made, so we wish Kacey/Devlin all the very best! To view more pictures from this event, simply check out Kent’s Street Fashion Sydney post here!
Thank you again K&L Gates for your invite and hosting an informative yet a fun fashion event!

Main photo from the left to right: Lisa Egan, Kacey Devlin and myself. Photo credit: Kent Johnson



  1. This looks like so much fun. Those strawberry champagnes look delicious! Also, I’ve never thought of fashion designers as problem solvers, but that actually describes them so well!

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