At Art Hearts Fashion NYFW Day One Opening Show


My humble blog vivalaViv has been receiving invitations to Art Hearts Fashion New York Fashion Week runway shows since 2015; however, due to work commitments, I could never make it. Well this September all that changed thanks to my new travel and lifestyle project – White Caviar Life. My partner; fashion photographer Kent Johnson and I decided to board that plane to the ‘big apple’. It was my second visit to New York City (NYC) and the first time for Kent.

‘Art Hearts Fashion, here we come!’ As we fastened our seat belts on the plane, my dream of attending New York Fashion Week (NYFW) suddenly became one step closer!

The 7th of September, opening day of NYFW. Kent and I had sight seeing in the neighbourhood of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, before we joined the queue for Art Hearts Fashion runway shows.
‘Let’s not forget that New Yorkers invented the night club queue!’ I was having a conversation with another event guest.
‘They don’t say “queue” here; they call it “line” or “line-up”!’ The Pakistani fashion designer I was talking with informed us.

To make the most of our time in line… Kent, being a photographer, started street style shooting fashionistas in the queue. That’s right! New York street style right here! To view who and what Kent captured from our ‘line-up’ (and he created a post just about it), simply click here.

After about an hour, we all started entering the Angel Orensanz Foundation event space, a former church in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and home of Art Hearts Fashion.
The show opened with a performance by the pink violinSarah Charness wowing and rocking the crowd with an outstanding performing on her pink electric violin (pictured below on the top left). Well, I enjoyed her playing so much that I became an instant fan of ‘Sarah Pink Violin’!

Immediately following on from Sarah came the fashion parades. First up was Kawaiti designer Mashael Al Mutawa. His classic collection was a perfect embrace of traditional fashion with an international flair.
Next we saw Indian designer Purvi Doshi‘s stunning collection. Purvi’s fashion journey has led her from a small basement shop to a two-story-standalone flagship store in India’s top fashion district. Kent and I loved the classic hand-stitched details and the modern twist of her cut and style, we even grabbed the opportunity to meet and congratulate Purvi in person at the end of the show. To view Purvi Doshi’s amazing collection, please check out Kent’s post here!

Last but not least, closing the 7pm segment was none other than celebrity designer Dexter Simmons, this American designer’s journey has led him from a top finalist on Project Runway to a celebrity designer rocking out street wear with a Goth-n-Roll vibe. To view Kent’s visual take on Dexter’s exciting NYFW collection, simply click here!

Well, all that was from just one of NYFW’s day-one opening shows! If you still hunger for more of my NYFW coverage, please check out my Bracé NYFW post here!

Photo credit: Kent Johnson


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