Preventi X 124 Shoes Collaboration Celebration Launch Party

800-AdjCESE-F9436Recently I accompanied Kent to attend 124 Shoes launch party. This exclusive in-store event at The Galeries in Sydney CBD was to celebrate the collaboration of Preventi and 124 Shoes; the international release of its 10 shoe range of limited edition made-to-measure artisan shoes, and to meet Mr. Preventi himself who just flew in from Italy.

For those of you who are not familiar with 124 Shoes…
124 Shoes pride themselves in housing the finest Italian and European artisan shoes for those who value craftsmanship, luxurous materials and design. There is no surprise then that 124 Shoes came to collaborate with Preventi – the premium Italian artisan shoemaker. It’s like a marriage made in heaven!

Kent and I arrived on time; while we enjoying the drinks and canapés and mingled with other guests, we admired those hand dyed and delicately aged leather shoes. They are so unique! ‘Truly the shoe lovers’ shoe paradise is here.’ As I kept saying.
When Mr. Preventi presented the limited edition from the new collection with the 124 Shoes team, he chose a pair of woman’s navy boots as an example; informed us that the real silver was used and with craftsman’s hand polish skill to create the smoothness metallic graduation along the toecaps (I’m holding this boot in the main picture above).
‘Limited edition, made-to-measure artisan shoes – that is REAL luxury!’ I thought.

After the presentation, Kent and I congratulated Mr. Sauro Doria, (yes, that’s Mr. Preventi) in person and thanks to Kent that I had my photo opportunity with this ‘Global Nomad’ and the Personal Taylor for Preventi (see main picture). He was so down to earth and lovely!

It was a fabulous evening celebrating a limited edition new range of Preventi X 124 Shoes, and on top of that, I had received some compliments over my green dress… Well, you can find out all the details of my Outfit-of-the-Night in my latest White Caviar Life post!

Photo credit: Kent Johnson



  1. That was a top evening and 124 Shoes really do have a great range covering men’s office shoes to sneakers covers but all with that unique styling in limited editions! Great shoes and very friendly people.

    • I still remember that evening you attended the 124 Shoes Sydney flagship store opening launch and told me all about it.., I’m glad that I could join in the celebrations this time around – thanks to you Kent! Cheers~ X

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