Farewell Year 2017, You Have Been So Good To Me


In my previous post I mentioned that Kent and I started our ‘first White Caviar Life assignment‘ in New South Wales picturesque Southern Highlands. Since then, we have taken off for Singapore, Prague; Paris, Lyon; and the Beaujolais wine region, staying twelve nights in a 13th-Century French château! In New York we even found ourselves in front row seats for New York Fashion Week; and had a chance to celebrate an Australian friend’s art opening in Brooklyn too.
It has been a fascinating year of travel and culture for Kent and myself indeed.

But why start all this now?
Because having lost two of my family members to cancer in recent years… Not only did I realise that life is short; I needed to try to reach for my dream of a life through my love of travel. This realisation led me to the idea of starting my new project White Caviar Life, which is a travel, fashion and lifestyle blog that represents all my passions that I love about life.

One of the truly magic moments among all those amazing things we did and incredible places we have visited, was to be on and to walk across Prague’s Charles Bridge. Being a fan of Czech writer Milan Kundera. I had dreamed of seeing Prague since reading him in the late 1980s and of crossing the Vlatava river by the Charles Bridge, and Year 2017 happens to be the year my long awaited dream finally came true and it was worth it!

The picture above.., there I was, walking across that breathtaking bridge soon after dawn, I cherished every moment of being there and I wanted to take in as much of the beauty of the experience as I could with all my senses. Thank you Kent for capturing that beautiful moment in a picture!

2017, what a year to remember! How do you say goodbye to one of the most fulfilling and wonderful years? I don’t have an answer. One can only hope that 2018 is another year full of exciting adventures.

If you’d like to read more of my Charles Bridge experience and view more fashion portraits taken on the bridge, simply click here! Coincidentally, Kent has also wrapped his 2017 by publishing a Charles Bridge travel story with 21 pictures (click here to view all)! They are a lovely variety of shots, so not to be missed!
How has your 2017 been treating you? Leave your thoughts in the comments if you’d like to share your year!

Photography by Kent Johnson.

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  1. Such an amazing place, all of it but the Charles Bridge is especially close to my heart. Cool shot, with the king looking on! Classic 🙂

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