New York Fashion Week Calling


September, what a glorious month for the fashion industry! For those of you who are following my vivalaViv or White Caviar Life, you’d have noticed that we had had a rather busy September last year engaging with some of the fashion shows in New York City (NYC) during New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

We are proud and happy to announce that this year, our invitations for the upcoming NYFW have arrived. But don’t be jealous, as Kent and I have put in lots of hours and hard work promoting some of the fashion brands and/or the organisations, such as Bracé NYFW (also see Kent’s coverage here, here and here), and of course, the Art Hearts Fashion (AHF) NYFW (see Kent’s coverage here and here).

Unfortunately, we are unable to travel to New York for these fabulous fashion events this year, but I promise you that we will have something equally exciting coming up in September, so stay tuned!
The above photo shows my Outfit-of-the-Day choice on day one of AHF, NYFW last September. To see all the fashion details of my own styling on this particular look, simply go to my White Caviar Life post, and I hope you enjoy this story too!

Last but not least, please keep up with my Instagram (IG) feed or White Caviar Life’s IG feed for our up coming fashion and travel updates!
Do you have your September planed? Why not leave a comment and let me know?!

Photography by: Kent Johnson.


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