Who Is That Blonde Asian Blogger At Milan Fashion Week


Dear vivalaViv readers, how are you all? It has been a little while since I last published a post here. If you have followed my Instagram, you’d have noticed that Kent and I have been in Italy lately.
Only quite recently we came back from our 48-day Northern Italy journey; gathering material for my travel, fashion and lifestyle website White Caviar Life, and indeed, Kent and myself both have lots of stories to tell and we can’t wait to share them with you.

As new fashion does tend to have an expiry date (vintage fashion does not apply); my first share must be our experience at Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19. In my last post, I did promise sharing something equally exciting as New York Fashion Week, right?! You can read my full coverage here, along with 27 runway, portrait; media-wall and other fashionable photos in this post mostly taken by Kent that you don’t want to miss out on, and I hope they entertain you!

Why the blonde look you wonder? Well, there is a story behind my new blonde Asian ensemble and it is all revealed in my latest fashion post, also over at White Caviar Life; together with nine street-style fashion portraits by Kent along with all the details. The fact that now I have finally discover the benefits of wearing a wig, yes it’s a wig! Such as saving time and hard-earned dollars by cutting visits to the hair salon. The sayings about being blonde are true; I definitely have more fun being a little disguised and being a new blonde me!

Photography by: Kent Johnson



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