When A MasterChef Fan Meets MasterChef’s ‘Nonna G’

1100-AdjHP-F7002Happy December to all. Well it still feels so fresh, that moment when I was getting used to the new year of 2018.., where did the time go?!!
December is a month full of Christmas parties, events and end-of-the-year gatherings so I hope you are all enjoying yourselves. This story relates to a recent Italian chefs event that Kent and I attended.

Do you remember the article when I revealed myself as being a MasterChef Australia cooking show addict? Well I have since I watched the entire MasterChef Australia Season 10, the catch-up episodes of Season 9; went travelling to the Northern Italy and back to Australia, and… To continue my joy – MasterChef marathon, Season 7. Well they are all still up online to view, so why not!
Topping off my MasterChef ‘fever’ I have now met ‘Nonna G‘. Yes, that ‘Nonna G’ Ginna Ottaway from MasterChef Australia 2018 at this Italian chefs event in Sydney (click here to read my White Caviar Life coverage).

Gina and I hit it off right away. We started from talking about our dresses, to being a home cook (I’m not but Kent is), and of course, conversations about Gina’s experiences being on the show. Did I tell you I’m a big fan of the show? Of course I did, so to meet a contestant like Gina, giving and receiving compliments, well it did all seem quite surreal.

Since vivalaViv is about style and fashion, let’s take a look at Gina and my fashion choices for the night…
As we were told throughout the evening: ‘You two ladies in Green and Red, and with all the chefs wearing their WHITE jackets, It’s the colours of the Italian flag brought to life.’ Not only that, I think our Red VS Green really captures the Christmas spirit!

Last but not least, vivalaViv wish you a Merry Christmas and/or a Joyous Holiday Season.
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