2019, Marking My 30 Years Of Migrant Life In Australia

0121-EYes you read it right. 2019, marks the 30th year since I migrated to Australia. Those who are close to me would already know that I was sponsored by my mother; who was already an Australian citizen by the early 1980s. I joined her, my English stepfather and my two half-sisters in Perth; making their home my Australian home in 1989.

It’s rather hard to share my 30-year experience, the love the tears; goals and everything about how I’ve felt becoming an Aussie in a blog-able nutshell. So I created 10 questions and 10 answers; a bit of an interview with myself! I hope they answer some of your questions too, about the Australian experience I have had! So here we go…

Q 1): What was your first impression of Australia?

A: It has to be the striking colours. From deep blue skies, white sandy beaches; the oceans hue and red red soils.

Q 2): What was your first paid job in Australia?

A: Working at my stepfather’s newsagency in Perth. Filling the fridge and packing the snack shelves.

Q 3): What year did you leave Perth for Sydney and your reason for moving?

A: It was 1991 and Perth was simply too quiet for me. Though I did go back to Taiwan briefly before moving onto Sydney.

Q 4): Did Sydney in 1991 live up to your expectations and if so, why?

A: Yes and no. Sydney was certainly busier than Perth. But for me, Taipei was more fun and had more opportunities. Throughout 1990s I travelled to and from, and lived in both Taipei and Sydney. I felt that I was understood in Taipei, and had much better support. However, I did like and embrace Sydney’s less judgemental way of living. And that’s why I felt that when it was time to settle down in one place, I ended up choosing Sydney’s openess over Taipei.

Q 5): In what year did you move back to Sydney for good and why?

A: Year 2000. It was from a mixed result of things such as a failed relationship. I have called Sydney home since, and it has been the longest stretch of time living in Australia for me; anywhere now in fact!

Q 6): What are you most proud of being an Australian?

A: The ‘fair go’ attitude.

Q 7): What do you enjoy most about living in Australia?

A: The multiculturalism! It is so dynamic in Sydney especially and definitely shows in choices of world cuisines. And NO earthquakes in Australia- well not ‘real’ ones – and that is a true blessing!

Q 8): Marking the 30th-year since you migrated to Australia, is there any goal you wish to achieve?

A: Seeing more of Australia. I still haven’t been to South Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory yet; mate. 😉

Q 9): Any advice for new migrants?

A: There is no easy answer. It took me 15 years to feel like a local. In my case, I want to live here, therefore I did what I could to make it work.

Q 10): Any 30th Anniversary celebration?

A: Don’t have any plans yet… I hope so, we will see.

P.S. Any questions besides my made up Q&A ones? Feel free to leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them. Thank you!

This is a portrait of me taken in the mid ’90s. The background is Sydney’s historic and popular area The Rocks. Photography by Road Wang.


  1. Really interesting to read about your experiences. I have been in and out of Dubai for 8 years now, and it still does not feel like home. Denmark does not feel like home either anymore, so I guess I am mentally homeless:)

    • Funny enough you mention that Sanne… Only very recently I started to look at my ‘roots’ and I have felt like I’m loosing my identity. Well the deeper I think about it the more I want to write an article regarding the subject around the roots/identity matter… And I think I will. X

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