Before The Summer Ends

800-AdjCESEcrp-F3393While those of you who live in the Northern Hemisphere, the official spring (21st of March) is only days away; here in down under we are ‘slowly’ saying good-bye to our summer.
Due to climate change, last year we had a five-and-a-half months long extended summer! Autumn was almost totally skipped and we went from summer straight to winter.

This post is not about the climate change; it’s a diary of how I prepare my wardrobe for the upcoming season…

Recently, I have made a conscious decision to ‘quit’ miniskirts. The reason? It’s very direct forward – I no longer feel that it’s age appropriate nor shape appropriate for me. So gradually I donated several miniskirts, together with some mini-dresses. Some of these items are still in great condition and I do hope they would be loved and worn again and again!

Another conscious decision regarding a wardrobe update is that I want to celebrate colours this year, so that means you may not see me in all-black-everything.., at least for a while. This exercise has given me a chance to dig out my colourful outfits, some have been overlooked and/or buried for years. It’s now their time to shine, and I’m so excited to wear them again! What do they say – ‘Change is as good as a holiday!’

The purpose of this post is that I often find it overwhelming to clean up my entire wardrobe. What I have just done is to target my ‘key elements’ which needs an update or a clean-up. As a woman, a fashionista, I know I have wardrobe clutter issues and I know I’m not alone. By sharing my tips I hope it’ll inspire you to do your own ‘wardrobe shake-up’!
What’s your approach to achieve a clutter-free wardrobe?

Photography by Kent Johnson. For fashion and styling details of this look, please check out my White Caviar Life post!


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