Do You Pinterest?

800-AdjsqV3CESE-F6880The first time I heard and learnt about Pinterest was from a former colleague who, passionately introduced me to her Pinterest boards. She collected all possible online images that related to circles… From circled staircases, circle art; circle furniture to circled patterns from nature.., her ‘Circle’ board had it all. At that time although I thought the concept was rather interesting and I could see why people became addicted to it; I doubted that I would have anything to do with it.

When I started vivalaViv, my personal self-styled fashion diary, a pet project that has been very close to my heart. Once again, I came across Pinterest and this time around I set up my own account with the goal in mind of getting viewers to my blog. To tell the truth I hardly invested much time in it and the return was equally poorly. Among my other social-media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest was the weakest link for me. So I thought I was done with Pinterest.

Little did I know that I had not really ‘discover’ it at all…
‘Do you Pinterest?’ I was asked by a fellow blogger during the time I was setting up my travel, fashion and lifestyle project White Caviar Life. ‘People either love it or hate it.’ I was told. Well, I wasn’t sure if I was on the hate side but I was definitely not anywhere near the love side! It was at this point, to create a more complete website, that I learnt to design my own pins, and this has been the turning point for me with Pinterest. I found an online graphic design tool, began adding text to my images and I refer the result as my book covers. I love graphic design and the fact that Pinterest provides me a platform to showcase these ‘book covers’ I have created gives me so much joy!

Sure there is plenty to learn and I have only just began my Pinterest journey. If you are curious, here’s my White Caviar Life Pinterest boards. I’m also planing to rebuild my vivalaViv Pinterest page and hopefully it’ll be an inspiring one too.

Do you Pinterest? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know and why??

Portrait by Kent Johnson Photography.

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