More Than Just Self-Indulgence

800-Adj2_AdjRetSE_3606Since I created White Caviar Life (WCL), as an accommodation focused, travel, food, fashion and lifestyle blog; many people have wondered and asked me ‘what exactly are you working to achieve?’ ‘What are you selling?’ and ‘How does it work for you?’… Well, here let me explain it all…
Besides our editorials on accommodation and food reviews; we have been building up a travel library; an image bank of pictures from all our White Caviar Life journeys and these images can be purchased – in difference sizes; for your editorials or as fine art photographic prints. Are you enjoying the fashion portraits from my blog? Just as I do, you too can simply book Kent for a shoot; whether it’s on location or in the studio – his passport is ready to go.

Love the personal touch of my styling? Yes I also work as a freelance fashion stylist, not only styling myself – I also work on shoots with Kent here in Sydney and abroad; such as Czech model Nikola Rihova from Czechoslovak Models during our stay in Prague, New York fashion brand Mario & Lee’s Versed capsule collection in Manhattan and the studio shoot on an American model-to-be Teo. I develop concepts and style all my fashion stories on WCL including the picture above, and styled the set also.. you can read the story behind this shot which takes place in a 13th-century French castle!

Beautiful interiors – made more beautiful! Food, product, lifestyle and fashion-able photography are our speciality. Every WCL story showcases our capabilities through our visual story-telling. Never to rest on his laurels, Kent has been busy developing enhanced virtual reality panoramas, he calls them Hi-Fidelity 360 and it’s the closest experience – to really being there; a fabulous way to showcase spaces such as hotel rooms, lobbies, art galleries and tourism destinations.

So, do you need a photographer to help with your career or simply love to have one of our pictures nicely framed in your living room? Contact Kent for details and you’ll be amazed what a great set of images could do for you.

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