My ‘No Khaki’ Safari Ensemble

October 2019, before the spread of COVID-19 and way before the travel restrictions; I was planning a trip to the Red Centre of Australia. It was part of the celebration of my 30th anniversary since calling Australia home. Once the booking had done, ‘what to wear?’ I asked myself. Here’s my though process…

I often wondered what I would put together to create a safari, outback-style wardrobe. The fact is that I’m not a big fan of khaki, so the square pocketed khaki shirts with khaki pants, in other words the drab green common as safari fashion does not excite me. Therefore the moment I spotted this long shirt dress in leopard fabric, I knew that my search for a perfect adventure clothing was over. Its exotic print capturing the animal’s fierceness yet the cut is sophisticated, with masculine hints; great as urban office camouflage or for the outback. Yes I adored it at once and thought, I’m taking that with me to the Red Centre of Australia.

At our resort in the Northern Territory, my classic African style safari had been replaced by wild rabbit spotting and bird watching. No elephant no giraffe and no lions here, this is Australia after all. While I still label this as ‘my safari ensemble’, bird watching seems to have been my daily activity. Well it’s effortlessly easy when the desert starts literary over the room’s balcony railing! A perfectly convenient spot to enjoy watching nature, and a fantastic photoshoot location right here! Besides the native birds, the distinct richness of colours from our stunning landscape is the real visual feast.

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