Have We Missed Travelling Yet?

Chinese Empress style golden yellow jacket worn and styled by Vivienne She for White Caviar Life. Fashion shoot on a Venetian gondola in Venice by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.

Although the roll out of COVID vaccine has begun in many countries, international travel still remains uncertain. I know I won’t be the first to jump on a plane once the international borders do reopen. I have my concerns. Don’t I miss travelling freely yet? I sure do. But I also enjoy this non-travel period so I can slowly and properly, digest the travelling I did over the past few years.

Oh yes, I’ve been travelling through my memories a lot in the last twelve months. Year 2020 made me appreciating where I had been and what I had seen even more. It has helped me to focus on places I have been, instead of focusing on places I haven’t. This slow pace allows me to remember, to cherish and to write and share about those special places and moments.

Last year when Kent was in a hospital for his appendicitis operation, he mentioned to me about our Venice photos and stories… ‘When are you going to share those images?’ He asked. Since Kent is healthy again, I’ve revisited our Venice trip through my memories. Penning down my articles, my thoughts have taken me to that magic city once again. How we arrived The Floating City, where we found our first authentic Veneto restaurant to dine out; my thoughts regarding our first Venetian B&B… and how we overcome challenges from the overcrowded Piazza San Marco to create stunning images we are now proud of.

So the answer is, I have not missed travelling yet. My ‘memory travel’ has kept me constantly moving from country to country in my mind. How about you? Have you missed travelling yet?

Fashion photography by Kent Johnson. Head to White Caviar Life to view the full set of outstanding photographs from our very first gondola ride in Venice and my styling details. You can too book Kent for a location shoot!

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