Skin Physics’ Latest Serums Reviews And My Discount Code For You

The Australian made and owned skincare brand Skin Physics has just launched a new range of targeted serums to combat common skin concerns. Base on my combination skin type, which is oily in the T-zone, dry everywhere else, I’ve tried all five serums. Here I’d like to highlight three of them that benefit my skin most.


Unlike living in Taiwan where it’s so humid… it’s dry in Australia. Personally, I find that living in Australia, the biggest challenge for my skin is to keep it hydrated. Oily skin has often been mistaken as hydrated, in fact, it is dehydrated. Within seconds after applying this INTENSIVE HYDRATION SERUM onto my clean face, it immediately increases my skin’s moisture level. My face feels damp and plumped straight away. Ladies, I’ve been using more expensive skincare products for years but I really like this one!


This anti-aging ADVANCED AGE DEFENCE SERUM boosts the skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin; helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After a 10-day usage, both day and night; I’ve noticed that my face has become smoother and tighter.


The skin around our eyes usually reveals our age and/or lifestyle. Therefore, I believe that it deserves extra care. This MULTI-BENEFIT EYE SERUM reduces my puffy eye bags from spending too much time looking at my computer screen.

There are also 4) LACTIC ACID + (AHA BHA RENEWAL SERUM) and 5) SALICYLIC + (BLEMISH CONTROL SERUM) in this incredible range. And what’s worth mentioning here is that there are no animal-derived ingredients. Cruelty-free. No parabens. No sulphates. No mineral oil, and no added fragrance.

Last but not least, don’t forget to use my discount code “VIVIENNE30” for 30% off sitewide when you shop at Skin Physics. This offer is till the 25th, November 2021.

This post is on behalf of White Caviar Life. In collaboration with Theory Crew PR company. Products of Skin Physics were gifted. All opinions are mine.

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