Reviews Of Freezeframe’s Best-Selling Duo – Revitaleyes And Lash Prescription

Australia’s No.1 clinical skincare brand Freezeframe recently introduced me to their best-selling duo: REVITALEYES and LASH PRESCRIPTION. After over three weeks of usage, here are my feedbacks…

Lash Prescription:

This product can help our eyelashes grow longer and thicker. For someone like myself who doesn’t use false lashes, it is truly great news! After a few weeks of trying, I have noticed that my lashes have grown noticeably thicker and longer as it promises. I imagine that it’d benefit especially for those who have temporarily lost eyelashes from frequently wearing fake ones. Be aware that when applying the serum to the root of your lashes, you might feel a slightly burning sensation (well I felt that), but it only lasts a few seconds.


This popular eye gel is made to be the solution for deep wrinkles, chronic puffiness, and serious dark circles. I have been relied on this powerful gel for late nights and mornings after a lack of sleep, as it helps to produce smoother, brighter upper and lower eyelids. Since it is an eye gel, a little different from the eye cream I’m used to for the skin near my eyes… I’ve learnt to use only a tiny amount/drop on my fingertip when applying.

VivalaViv shares these reviews on behalf of White Caviar Life. In collaboration with Theory Crew PR company. The above products of Freezeframe were gifted. All opinions are mine.

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