Styling A Metallic Pleated Skirt For Two Opposite Seasons – Summer

Vivienne She, writer and creator of White Caviar Life and vivalaViv. Fashion photography by Sydney photographer Kent Johnson on location in Yulara, Central Australia.

To prove a metallic pleated skirt is worth your investment; here I share with you my styling tips of how I wear my silver pleated maxi skirt in two opposite seasons…


The key is to keep it light, keep it floaty. This skirt would work with a white or even a black singlet, a white T-shirt, or simply a short or long-sleeve white shirt. Here I chose a cream colour blouse. Accessory-wise I kept them in line with the existing colours – cream and silver. A minimal look is my approach for the summer.

Regarding the photoshoot… You will never guess where Kent and I found this funky location – Central Australia!!! Simply visit White Caviar Life to view the full set of my selection, and I hope you like my story too.

Last but not least, for Sydneysiders, since COVID-19 lockdown is over, why not book Kent for your next photoshoot NOW!

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