Styling A Metallic Pleated Skirt For Two Opposite Seasons – Winter

Vivienne She, writer/creative director of vivalaViv and White Caviar Life. Street style fashion portrait by Sydney photographer Kent Johnson.

Continuing my styling thought process of this metallic pleated skirt; here’s how I wore it on a Sydney winter day…

A cap and a pair of sneakers! Yes, a sporty look was definitely my approach. For a versatile skirt like this, one can probably throw any jumper – bright, oversized; statement, or just a simple one (like the one I was wearing) to go with it.

An oversized sunglasses in eye-catching bright pink has added some humour to this ensemble. Another fun element, Kent’s Fujifilm X-T1 digital camera was worn as an accessory by me here. Last but not least, to create a contrast for this OOTD, I picked a black blazer to give this sporty, casual outfit a sophisticated edge.

Street style portrait by Kent Johnson fashion and portrait photography.

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