Seizing My Golden Photo Opportunity In The Mirror Room

Vivienne She, writer and creator of vivalaViv and White Caviar Life. Mirror room portrait. Fashion portrait by Sydney photographer Kent Johnson on location in Prague.

If you have followed my White Caviar Life blog, you’d noticed that lately, I have revisited Prague through its restaurant I loved, our first hotel there, and some fashion portrait photoshoots that I remember most. This post is about a fashion shoot that almost didn’t happen…

The moment Kent and I were shown the dining room of San Carlo, the house restaurant of the Alchymist Nosticova Palace in Prague, we were immediately stunned by its extravagant decor. Hand-painted floral motifs spanned vaulted ceilings; with mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors covering the walls…

Needless to say, Kent and I both saw a golden (photo) opportunity in San Carlo as we adored its more-is-more lavish decoration. However, as our days staying in this hotel slipped away, it was Kent who asked the management for permission for us to do a photoshoot in the ‘mirror room’. Well, not only the answer was a yes; on the morning of our photoshoot (also our last day here), the hotel staff helped us to turn on all the lights inside, and even asked if they should fill the vase with flowers for our shoot. We said yes to the lights but passed on the flowers as Kent thought the location was decorative enough.

Both Kent and I were grateful that this almost-didn’t-happen photoshoot happened – thank you Kent. And thanks to myself too who decided to pack my Spazio Concept – Milano silk and velvet golden-yellow suit with me to Prague… a luxurious looking outfit that held its own and successfully kept me afloat on the ocean of bling-bling.

Like what you see? If so, simply head to White Caviar Life to view the full set of images I selected from this photoshoot. And don’t forget to book Kent if you are planning to make your fashion fantasy a reality!

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