My OOTD Now – The Patchwork Flared Midi Skirt

Vivienne She, writer and creator of vivalaViv and White Caviar Life. Prague fashion portrait of Vivienne She by Sydney photographer Kent Johnson.

A patchwork skirt immediately gives me a Bohemian feel. So it was only natural when deciding what to pack for our trip to Praha, Prague back in 2017. Yes, the city of Bohemia. Not only did my Bohemian skirt find its home in the land of Bohemia, it blended in with its newfound home (see image above) pretty well I think!

One of the bonuses about this skirt is that, it allowed me to style it in multiple ways. (Click here for a flashback where I had a slightly different approach!) Being made of wool fabric and knits, it is a perfect fit for my travel-friendly fashion needs. That’s right, both versatility and wrinkle-resistant fabric are important to me when it comes to selecting a mini wardrobe for a trip.

Like what you see? If so, simply head to White Caviar Life to view the full set of my portraits that were taken in picturesque Prague – all in this patchwork skirt! And don’t forget to book Kent for a location shoot package.

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