My OOTD Then – The Tartan Mini Kilt

Writer and blogger Vivienne She. Styling tips of a Tartan Mini Kilt. 90s bucket hat fashion ideas.

A brief introduction of the Mini Kilt…

The 1990s was the era when tartan and Mini Skirt were married and the Tartan Mini Kilt was born. Thanks to the likes of supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell; as well as Rachel (from Friends) who all made Mini Kilt part of pop culture. One of the most iconic Mini Kilts was the yellow plaid number with a matching blazer worn by Cher in Clueless. Not only was it often considered the official birth of the Mini Kilt, but fashionistas still try to copy the look even to this day.

My 2013 Tartan Mini Kilt OOTD…

Green bucket hat, little black jacket; Mini Kilt, dark brown leather gloves; black tights, and black ankle boots (boots not seen from this photo). Well yes, this was how I styled my Mini Kilt back in 2013. Although I thought the bucket hat could be replaced by a peaked cap or a beret, I don’t mind its quirky look. The dark brown leather gloves, however, should be removed… they don’t belong to this ensemble.

Do you have a Tartan Mini Kilt in your wardrobe? If so, how would you style it?

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