My Party Ensemble For Billich Gallery’s Annual Christmas Celebration

Writer and blogger Vivienne She with Father Christmas at Billich Gallery's Annual Christmas Celebration.

The disco era of sequins is back in fashion!!! And that’s one of the reasons that when receiving this year’s Christmas celebration from Bilich Gallery, I knew I must turn up with this sleeveless V-neck cocktail number where the bodice of the dress was covered by aqua-green sequins! Not only sequins are fun and festive, but the green also fits the Christmas theme. What’s a touch of the Christmas essence to me when it comes to fashion? ‘Anything related to a Christmas tree and its decorations would be my inspiration.’ Yes, as simple as that if you asked me.

Once the dress was decided, I had problems with pairing shoes. The thing is, my black heels are closed-toe, and I think for a sleeveless dress like this, an open-toe style would be more suitable. ‘How about those silver or metallic heels I already have?’ I thought. (Remember I did a blog post about buying fewer new clothes, and wearing more items from my wardrobe?) However, the thoughts that they would grab too much attention away from the sequins talked me out of it. I want SEQUINS TO BE THE MAIN FEATURE of this look!!! So, ‘No’ to the metallic heels… that means I would have to do some shoe shopping… (yes life is tough but who is complaining…)

Ideally, a pair of navy heels would match the midnight blue pleated skirt which is part of the dress. I searched everywhere in Sydney, yet failed to find a pair of shoes in navy or dark blue that was dark enough to match the pleated skirt. They were too light or too blue or closed-toe. So the solution is to consider black. And as I had wished, I found a pair of black-heeled sandals. Open-toe – TICK! The best thing about this pair is its cross-strap design which creates V shapes that echoes my V-neck! I was very pleased with my last-minute shoe hunt.

So, what’s next? What bag should I take? The decision of my evening bag was between a smooth-surfaced silver clutch or a not-so-smooth purple metallic leather with a glittering effect. The purple one wins! Not only purple and green have always been my favoured colour combination; the texture of the clutch goes better with the sequins. It was an easy decision for me. Other easy decisions include my hairstyle for the occasion. My newly permed hair did not need much to be done, thanks to the curls! A rhinestone ribbon-shaped hair clip would stand out from my black hair, and that’s all I needed… meaning NO earrings, thank you. (I know I seek my inspiration from a Christmas tree, but I don’t want to look literally like a Christmas tree!)

Last but not least, to be necklaced or not to be necklaced, that is the question…?? Although I have a simple yet elegant single-diamond pendant with a white gold chain (that seems perfect for this ensemble); I prefer to keep my neckline and décolleté clean and uninterrupted. Maybe some other time when I attend a dinner party in the same dress, I’ll wear that pendant and let it shine for a change.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my total look for one of this year’s most glamorous Christmas parties in town. This picture was taken by Kent at the event… yes, a naughty Santa and moi! And how was Billich Gallery’s Annual Christmas Celebration? Well, this year Charles and Christa Billich did it differently. The lavish gathering appeared on Channel Seven’s Sunrise news and Sunday Telegraph’s Party Confidential. To find out more, simply head to White Caviar Life’s latest post for my event coverage and view all 19 party photos! Bye for now my dear readers. Happy Holidays to everyone! Wish you a healthy, safe, and joyous festive season!

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