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The Launch Of Shamballa Equality Bracelet @ Fairfax & Roberts

Shamballa Jewels and the exclusive Australia retailer Fairfax & Roberts have joined forces to launch the Shamballa Equality Bracelet on the 1st of March for the Sydney Mardi Gras 2016. Last night, Kent and I were invited by our friend, celebrity stylist and style editor of Sydney Standard Christopher Haggarty to accompany him for the launch party […]

My Biker Jacket Diary – Romancing The Jacket

Come the 1980s, the biker trend reached its peak. The leather jacket became a fashion staple among the rock ‘n’ roll; the punk and the pop. Remember Michael Jackson’s red leather Thriller number? Some say that “The biker jacket is like denim or fine wine, it gets better with age.” I couldn’t agree more. And […]

My Biker Jacket Diary – Embracing The Wild Side

In 1955, a certain silver screen actor named James Dean starred in the film ‘Rebel Without a Cause’. In this film, Dean’s character Jim Stark continued in making the biker jacket a symbol of the adventure; danger and rebellion. There’s no denying that a badass young man in a leather jacket has sex appeal. In […]

My Party Season Cocktail Dress Pick – Gold Rush

This is the time of the year full of Christmas party; annual office gathering and the New Year’s Eve celebration bash. Gold and other festival metallic colours are my favourite choices when it comes to picking a glamorous outfit. Sometimes, it can be a fine line between looking terrific and looking tacky. We don’t want […]

My Party Season Cocktail Dress Pick – Black With A Twist

Years ago I attended a Christmas Party for singles. I wore a black cocktail dress and a pair of black heeled sandals. The only accessory I had, was some traditional Holly berries and leaves in my hair – you know, the classic red and green Christmas colours. It turned out that most of the compliments […]

A Date With Masters – Russell’s Reserve Small Batch Bourbon Launch

It’s a date with Bourbon.., and a great opportunity to wear my grey suit and a new Akubra fedora! Well the invitation said it was to be a “premium male focused event”; so why not dress like one of the boys for a change?!!! As soon as Kent and I arrived at Grain Bar, The […]

My Current Denim Obsessions… High Waisted Jeans

About seven years ago, a male friend of mine pointed out that one of my photos on a local dating site had caught his attention, because in that picture, I was wearing a pair of high waisted jeans… ‘Your jeans look dated.., it might just reveal your age…’ He even kindly suggested to me not […]