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My Biker Jacket Diary – Romancing The Jacket

Come the 1980s, the biker trend reached its peak. The leather jacket became a fashion staple among the rock ‘n’ roll; the punk and the pop. Remember Michael Jackson’s red leather Thriller number? Some say that “The biker jacket is like denim or fine wine, it gets better with age.” I couldn’t agree more. And […]

My Biker Jacket Diary – Embracing The Wild Side

In 1955, a certain silver screen actor named James Dean starred in the film ‘Rebel Without a Cause’. In this film, Dean’s character Jim Stark continued in making the biker jacket a symbol of the adventure; danger and rebellion. There’s no denying that a badass young man in a leather jacket has sex appeal. In […]

My Biker Jacket Diary – High Contrast

In 1928, the first motorcycle jacket with a zipper was born in New York City; it was named Perfecto, after creator Irving Schott’s favourite cigar. The watershed moment came in 1953, when Marlon Brando’s Johnny Strabler wore the infamous skull-and-bones-stamped Perfecto in the film ‘The Wild One’. Brando; Perfecto and the film all went on […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – Scarves And Wraps

Wearing a winter scarf or a wrap sounds very simple; it is however, if we do it with a little extra effort, this accessory can make our entire look! Back to 2002 when I was learning French in Paris, on a late Autumn day as I strolled about the city – as I always do […]